เมื่อไม่นานมานี้ทาง Ruamrudee ได้จัดงานฉลอง Class of 2009 เพื่อรับใบจบและใบ Certificate จาก รร

It's was very excited for me all my mind was thinking "Wow I going to graduate and it's so unbelievable. The next chapter of my life is going to be my University life" 


"Nothing is ever Certain" This is what I learned from my senior English class, but it proves to be wrong because one thing I am certain of is my relationship at Ruamrudee, my teachers my friends, and stuff will stay forever. Time passed by so fast, it's like I just woke up from the dream. For six years I have been at Ruamrudee. But now I am standing in Ruamrudee and ready to leave for a new world. I can't imagine imagine what would it will be like or how it be. I will never forget all wonderful times, uncountable memories with friends and teachers. First I want to thank my family, especially my Dad and Mom for giving me chance to study at RIS and support me until the last day of my school year. Thanks to all my friends who were part of my school life. The time in school is unforgettable and can never be brought back. There will never be another time we will be together as the class of 2009. After this day we will move to many places and learn new things. I hope that we will not forget each other, or forget the times that we have spend with each other and sincerely laughed. "Friends" are bond with trust, I trust all my friends that they will never forget our friendship through many years we spend together. The past is something that never brings back to present, but remains in our hearts every time we think of each other, until we die our past will fade away.



[Ratchanon Charoenpong] 










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